Sunday, August 15, 2010

Santa Monica Place

Sorry for the several year hiatus, not that anyone was checking my blogspot to see what I had written anyhow. However I have to thank the young candidate that I most recently interviewed for inspiring me to come out of hiding and begin to voice my feelings and concerns about todays fashion trends.

I recently had the pleasure to visit the new men's store at Bloomingdales in the new Santa Monica place mall. It is something like I have never seen before. So fresh and so new. I really enjoy what they have done with the space as well as the direction thatthey are headed into with the new Bloomingdales format. I think that this is the wave of the future and that Bloomingdales has it's finger on the pulse of what people are looking for in today's shopping environment.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Classic suit style, Theory - Bloomingdales on 59th and Lexington

Recently I went shopping for a suit for my Fiance @ Bloomingdales on 59th street and Lexington. My Fiance has been in search for the perfect black suit for the past several years. While there she went to shop the Theory section of the department store. Needless to say for those who know Theory as a label, their taste level is up there with the likes of the Nanette Lapore's and Laundry, if not better. So with that said we begin looking through the vast racks of mostly regular price clothing, because Theory is not often on sale. While searching my Fiance came up with no less than 5 different styles of jackets and pants to choose from. This is were the shopping experience gets good.

Being a male and shopping in various department stores and boutiques I can rarely find what it is that I am looking for. The fabric is either what I want, but the style is off, or the styling is perfect, but the fabric is terrible. Now being that this was a standard black suit, the fabric does not need to great, however the jacket does have to match the pants. And that is precisely the reason why I am writing this blog entry. No matter what jacket she picked up, every single one of them went back perfectly with the fabric of pants she had.

Most retailers are very cautious about investing too heavily in one fabric and/ or style. I believe this is mostly due to the lack of true merchant skills of days past. Most merchants/ buyers, and retailers today are shackled by the likes of upper management, or financial successes and failures of years past, to come up with any type of new ideas, and or take risks on ideas that may have long term success. This was not the case with Theory and Bloomingdales. Their merchant went after the basic/ classic black fabric in a very big way.

Now after about 2 hours and many wardrobe changes, we finally settled with a 2 button jacket with notch lapel, flap pockets, center vent, and fit a bit longer than the standard woman's coat. Upon reaching the register I came across the most simplistic, great idea of the season. One that many other retailers should adopt. Standing at the register I began to read an information card outlining every fit of the classic black suit that Theory offered for the season. This thing is a jewel. Immediately after reading it I figured out that they had another style of jacket, that was not seen in the original search. Amazing we didn't find it when we had been shopping going on 3 hours by now. In any case, the jacket located and the suit purchased.

Moral of this entry is this; retailers need to get back into the mind state of informing their clientele of how to shop and look great. I feel that retailers and clothing companies today are trying to be to broad with the merchandise selection and not really focusing on what it is that they are good at making. If your staple is a classic black suit, then you should make it the best, better than any other company out there. Not only should you make it better, you should also go into depth with the styles in which a customer can mix and match the same fabric with different styles and fits.


I think this saying holds true for most places to shop. I am just glad Bloomingdales stepped out the box and took a stand on something they believe in. Thank you Theory and Bloomingdales. It was $600 well spent.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The Navy Suit

I have long made the arguments that the Navy suit is the most important item in a man's wardrobe. Next to a Charcoal suit, there is not another more versatile piece of clothing that a well dressed man can own. It took Esquires validation to prove this fact. Take a look at the below Esquire article.

The Definitive Style Rules: NAVY SUITS
1. A well-made suit will be balanced around the middle button, so this is the only button you should ever use. This will emphasize your torso's shape, give you a little freedom to move, and keep you from looking like Chris Webber on draft day.

2. A navy suit can be worn with both black and brown belts and shoes. A black suit cannot.

3. The best shoe color for a navy suit: chocolate brown. It's dark enough to wear at night and colorful enough to shine during the day.

4. Tuck in your shirt.

5. Three things you need in that party shirt underneath your navy suit: big cuffs, a high collar, and quality pearl buttons. One thing you don't: bling.

6. Undoing the cuff buttons on your jacket is a nice trick, but that doesn't mean you should. After all, even cheap suits these days have open buttonholes. So there's no need to show off.

7. Navy doesn't have to mean plain. Instead of toying with loud stripes, try a textured fabric to give your navy suit added character.

8. Two expensive suits are better than five cheap ones. One of them should be navy.

9. The Tony Siragusa rule: Know your neck size. (He obviously doesn't.) You should be able to fit one finger between your collar and your neck when your shirt is fully buttoned.

10. Neurotic comedians like Richard Lewis wear only black. Do not follow suit.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Gifts for Men: More additions, Blueray movies

Blueray movies 300 and Oceans 13 are amongst many titles that are on sale this week @ Bestbuy for the promotional price of buy one at $29.99, and receive the second title free. Please check it out in the weekly advertisements in your local area.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Gifts for Men: New addition, Kenneth Cole Loafers

Being that my nick name, given by my Fiance, is the fashion stalker, I felt obligated to post this link to the loafers that I have been waiting to drop in price for the last 6 months. The price for these loafers is now $52.49, I first saw them this summer and when they went on sale at the Kenneth Cole store, I was too late because they had already run out of my size. These are the perfect casual Friday, year around loafers. Slacks, a button down shirt, and blazer, with these loafers is a no brainer. Check them out, I would advise you to hurry because sizes tend to run out quickly on this site.
Kenneth Cole " Feel Good Loafer "

Size - 13
Black #1
Cognac #2

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Gifts for men #10, Levis & Ralph Lauren Polos

Last but not least are gifts #10 through >>>

I chose standard Levis and Ralph Lauren polos as my last items on my list. These items are always needed throughout the year. Blue denim jeans, and polos in different colors, how can a man go wrong with these 2 gifts.

Standard color polos that all men need

Gifts for men #9, Uggz House Slippers

Since my fiance swears by the boots, I figure that the slippers must be legitimate. Go to, they have several styles to choose from. I dont care what style I get, as long as they are black and a size 13 or larger. I hate receiving shoes in a smaller size than what I can wear.

Gifts for men #8, Coach Signature Embossed Leather Belt

Gift #8 is the Coach Signature Embossed Leather Belt. I think this belt is a great compliment to the Cuff link box.

Gifts for men #7, Coach Cuff link box

The 7th item is also from Coach. Can you tell that I believe in the quality of Coach leather? I am not really into all that embossed, and embellished monogram look that was made popular years ago. However I do like this item for the house. Every man needs a place to sit his watch, cuff links, and collar stays if need be,

Gifts for men #6, Adidas top ten tennis shoes

Gift #6, let me tell you that first and foremost, is the best source online to buy shoes. They offer standard, free next day delivery, and no tax on your shoes and purchase. So the price that you see is the price that you pay. Their return policy is awesome and it is just as easy to return the shoes as it is to order and receive them. With that said, I found these flashy Adidas Top Ten tennis shoes on the site. I happen to be a fan already of this particular shoes. Being that I own two pair already, I look for the most recent and cool colored shoes whenever they come out. These shoes are not for everyone, however they are an attention grabber.

Gifts for men #5, Coach weekend bag

Item #5 happens to be the gift that I have requested from my Fiance for the past 2 years. For some reason I always end up wanting something else when it gets closer to Christmas, however, months prior to the actual day, I always want this bag. It is called the "Transatlantic weekend leather bag". It comes in black and brown, and also has a small toiletry bag as well. If you can get past the price tag of $498, then this is truly a good buy.

Gifts for men #4, Kenneth Cole Boots

The fourth item on my list are these cool boots from Kenneth Cole. I saw these at the Herald Sqaure Macys, they immediately caught my eye. Not to mention that I also saw Ne-Yo wearing them during the Macys day parade. Not that I am a Ne-Yo stan, however it is cool to see a celebrity appreciating my taste level. These boots are more for the cold weather days, with faux fur lining, they provide a great looking boot

Gifts for men #3, Canon digital camera

Next on the list is a digital camera. No matter who you are or where you are, the memories that you encounter shoudl be caught on film. Unless you are in Vegas, because we all know, "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas", you should not be without your digital camera. I have chosen Canon as my brand of choice. I have the Canon Rebel EOS SLR camera at home and it takes great photos. Now that I need a smaller, more compact camera unit, I will opt for the Canon Digital SD750 Camera

Gifts for men #2, Justin cowboy boots

The next item on my list is a pair of cowboy boots. Years ago I had the pleasure of going to the Justin boot factory in El Paso Texas. I found a pair of cowboy boots and became extremely attached. Cowboy boots add a certain amountof confidence to the gentleman who is bold enough to wear them. They make a statement at all times. Sometimes you dont want to hear the statement that they make, or that others want to speak, however they never go not noticed.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Top 10 Gifts for Men, Hamilton Watch

This season I have comprised my Top 10 gifts for men. This list is more about what I like than the rest of the world, however I feel like I have a pretty good gauge on the pulse of what men are looking for, so therefore the list was created. Take a look and tell me what you think. I have included pictures and links to pull up any and all items listed.

ENJOY!! and Happy Holidays

Since men are defined by their watch and their shoes, I have chosen the first item because I happened to run across it in Macys and I liked it immediately. This Hamilton watch is guaranteed to be in all the men's magazines next spring and fall.